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National Geographic Excited About the Increase in Elephant Population in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

The African elephant (Loxondota Africana) is noted to be among the big five of land animals along with the lions, buffaloes, Rhinos and leopards that are always sought after by world travelers including those that undertake safaris to Uganda.

Unfortunately for the recent years, the population of elephants has been reducing gradually in various parts of the world especially Africa which has been attributed to increasing Ivory trade.

However, it was a surprising issue internationally when it was revealed that the elephants in Uganda made a 600 % increment rising to more than 5,000 individuals amidst some challenges.

Regardless of the wide spread elephant population decline on the continent of Africa, Uganda has maintained a rising population.

During 1980s, the elephants were noted to be around 700 and 800 thus the current numbers at 5,000 is an indication that the trends for the elephant population is healthy. This is a positive indicator for the continuity of Uganda safaris and tours.

The Wildlife Conservation Society conducted a survey in May named the Great Elephant Census along with the Uganda Wildlife Authority; the body that is charged with management of wildlife including those that exists in Uganda safari parks.

The report compiled by this body indicated better protection in Uganda’s count of ten (10) National Parks
However, Uganda still faces pressure from poaching most especially Queen Elizabeth National Park which apparently 2,913 elephants as the country continue to act as a transit for international smugglers taking the advantage of the local corruption in the country.

In an Interview with Uganda’s Ambassador to the United States Oliver Wonekha about the ways that are recovering in the country, National Geographic was anxious to know what Uganda is doing differently from other countries to ensure that the elephant populations continue to increase.

The Ambassador noted that the wildlife crime is being taken seriously as tourism is now the biggest foreign exchange earner for the country as it generated substantive revenue from the travelers that take safaris to Uganda.

The use of cameras in protected areas that were recently provided by Japanese government is recorded to be doing well.

The government’s initiative to engage the communities and share with them the revenue generated from these tourists is also a substantive contribution to the rise of the wildlife counts including the elephants and the mountain gorillas that are normally encountered on gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda.

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