ceetahThe chief executive of the Uganda Tourism Board Mr Asiimwe Stephen has gathered all his efforts to do anything that can attract tourists to come for safaris in Uganda so as to boost the tourism sector. Mr. Asiimwe has encouraged the local people to do what they can so as to promote more Uganda visits and uplift the tourism sector emphasizing that Uganda’s development is also based in tourism.

The proposal announced by Stephen Asiimwe, the chief executive of Uganda Tourism Board is basing on marketing the cultural activities of the local tribes of Uganda so as to promote more safari visits to Uganda. These include the ‘’imbalu’’ called circumcision of the Bagishu, and many of the Baganda, Banyankole, Banyoro and Basoga. These will attract the tourists hence increase the number of tours in Uganda.

The chief executive of Uganda tourism board says the tourism sector has to be developed so as to promote more Uganda visits. This therefore prompted the ministry of finance to give $2m to the tourism sector so as to develop it. This money helps to improve the infrastructure of Uganda so as to provide better facilities to the tourists on Uganda safaris. This has therefore increased safari tours to Uganda hence making Uganda a tourist destination.

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