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Mountain Gorillas Strive to Survive

Mountain gorillas are mainly found in Bwindi impenetrable National Park and these have attracted many mountain gorilla safaris which have helped in increasing the revenues of the country. These have been conserved and preserved in order to manage their survival in their habitants.

These mountain gorillas live in groups and they are usually headed by a strong silverback, these lead the groups for a long period of time and they are responsible for hunting for food for the rest of the family and also protection of the entire group. These characters of the mountain gorillas have led to increased gorilla tracking safaris with in Uganda.

The silverbacks are always followed by the females and the young gorillas which then becomes a group and it’s given a name by the management.

They fight other groups in order to be able to get food and a place where they can rest for a night. A safari visit to Uganda will expose you to the different characteristics of the mountain gorillas.

The mountain gorillas always live in two packets of the remaining habitants that is; in the forests of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Virunga Volcanoes which borders Rwanda and Congo.

These mountain gorillas have attracted many mountain gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

These mountain gorillas have always increased in number and they are considered to be over 800 gorillas remaining in the wild, they are interesting animals and have got human behaviours which have attracted many people to come for gorilla safaris to Uganda and Rwanda.

The forests where these gorillas are found, are heavily protected and are carefully managed, however poachers have not yet stopped hunting for the mountain gorillas which has resulted into some of them dying hence affecting the gorilla visits in Uganda and Rwanda.

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