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Mountain Gorillas Increase in Africa – Gorilla Safari News

gorilla in the leavesMountain gorillas are found in Africa and specifically in three countries and these include; Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.

These are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park, volcanoes national park and in Virunga national park.

These mountain gorillas are increasing in number and this has help in attracting more gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda, Congo and Rwanda.

These interesting animals are shared by three countries and these have greatly contributed high revenues to the countries where they are found. Uganda’s mountain gorillas have increased since many new borns have been produced.

This shows that the mountain gorillas in Africa total to 880 gorillas and these have greatly attracted many tourists who come for mountain gorilla tracking safaris.

Mountain gorillas are endangered species and these need constant care, this is the reason why they have been conserved and preserved, many organizations have come up to help in supporting the conservation of these endangered species.

The gorilla doctors have come up to help in saving the mountain gorillas of Africa and this has helped in increasing gorilla safaris and the revenues where these primates are found.

Mountain gorillas have got many threats which have affected them so much and also lead to the decrease in their numbers, this has affected gorilla trekking tours to Africa, hence reducing its revenues, these threats include; diseases, habitant loss, poaching, hunting and many more which have affected the number of gorilla tours in Africa.

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