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Mountain Gorillas in Uganda Strive to Live – Uganda Safaris & Tours updates.

hiding gorillaMountain gorillas in Uganda are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park and also in Mgahinga national park, this park harbours half of the remaining gorillas in the wild, other mountain gorillas can be found in volcanoes national park, these mountain gorillas have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris hence increasing the revenues of the country.

The authority responsible for the management of the national parks in Uganda, i.e. Uganda Wildlife Authority has put in place different initiatives so that the mountain gorillas can well be conserved and preserved for tourism development.

This will help in increasing the number of visitors who come for gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda.

Many organizations have come up to help in conserving and preserving of the mountain gorillas, these have initiated different ways of treating the mountain gorillas so that they might not get human diseases, this will help in controlling the death of these mountain gorillas hence increasing gorilla safaris to Uganda.

Mountain gorillas in Uganda are facing many threats with in their habitats, these include; diseases, poaching, habitat loss and many more, these have been controlled through putting in place rangers who take care of the mountain gorillas hence helping in reducing these threats thus increasing mountain gorilla trekking tours to Uganda.

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