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Mountain Elgon Caldera is the Largest in the World.

mount elgon calderaMountain Elgon is considered to have the largest surface areas in the world or among the volcanoes in the whole world; it has also got many cliffs which have always attracted many Uganda safaris, this has helped in increasing the revenues of the country hence developing the tourism sector.

The Caldera has got many caves, waterfalls and gorges which are notable with the romantic Sipi falls; this caldera covers 40 square km at the top of mountain Elgon, this place is frequently visited by tourists on the safaris since it was named after the Elgeyo tribe, which lived in the huge caves on one side of mountain.

Mountain climbing on Mountain Elgon is an alternative and better than any climbing done in East Africa, this is because it’s easier to access throughout the year, it’s also less congested and it has got many attractions which are enjoyed by the tourists who come for safari visits to Uganda.

The place has got good climate and a lower elevation and also the tourists to climb the peaks don’t require any equipments or special experience.

There are attractions found at Mountain Elgon and these include; the sasa trail which is the shortest but toughest route to the mountain peaks.

This trail helps the tourists to traverse the community land and also to explore the Bamasaba farming settlements and the culture, this trail has greatly attracted many safari tours to Uganda which has helped in the development of the tourism sector.

The Sipi trail is also a great tourist attraction and it’s done at Kapkwai forest exploration centre. It’s considered to be the longest trail to the peaks, passing through the north western mountain side through the tutum cave in order to enter the caldera and also reach Wagagai peak. The trail has also got falls commonly known as the sipi falls and these have attracted many safaris to Uganda hence increasing visitor numbers.

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