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Mountain Climbing Experience in Uganda

Uganda gifted by nature is endowed with world-class charming mountains, each being so different from the other and therefore offering visitors on Mountain climbing safari to Uganda unique thrilling physical as well as sensual experience that forever stays vivid and cherished in the heart and mind of the hikers.

The main climbing destinations in Uganda include Mountain Rwenzori dubbed the Mountain of the Moon, Mount Elgon and Virunga Volcanoes.

Mount Rwenzori, the mythical Mountains, written by Ptolemy is among the outstanding safe paradise for hikers on Uganda Safaris.

Located just a few meters from the Equator, the mountain contains ice on its highest peak or summit. If you’re looking for mountaineering destination in Africa, then the (5,119m) high, snow occupied or covered Rwenzori Mountain, which is protected and conserved as Rwenzori Mountain national park and designated as World Heritage site is your perfect destination for an ultimate mountain climbing experience in Uganda.

The mist-enclosed peaks offer marvelous backdrops to this charming mountain. Ever since the Rwenzori became popular to the world, its distinctive attributes have been going through enormous changes.

Currently, the most probably being seen along the hiking trails involve the fragile unique vegetation.
Mountain climbing experience in Uganda is not only limited alone to Mountain Rwenzori but hikers on Uganda safaris can also do it at the most popular Mount Elgon National park, which bestrides the Uganda-Kenya border in Eastern Uganda.

The park frontiers consist of 1147 square kilometers of mountainous land. The largest part of this area is occupied with normal afro-montane vegetation, uttered with giant groundsels and bamboo forest.

It is important to note that various hikers on safaris to Uganda find Mt. Elgon an exhilarating alternative to some of the thrilling Mountain climbs in East Africa and Africa at large.

Climbing to the peak of the Mountain Elgon requires no special equipment or technical Mountain climbing experience.

Hence visitors who are non-experts and even those who are experts can all reach or access the summit of the mountain in period of only three days, but spending more days on Uganda Safaris to Mountain Elgon will permit or allow you to explore all the unique wonders housed in the Mountain.

Virunga Volcanoes located in south-western Uganda is also unforgettable safe climbing destination in Uganda.

Formed by tectonic process that occurred some millions years ago, Virunga Volcanoes are cold, wet and jagged with a wilderness of nice looking afro-montane vegetation with fascinating plants like giant Lobelia and Groundsel that attract the botany lover.

In total, there are eight (8) stunning Virunga volcanoes distributed or shared between three neighboring countries namely Uganda-the Pearl of Africa, Rwanda-the land of thousand hills and Congo.

These Virunga Mountains are climbable by any visitor interested in memorable climbing experience in Uganda, for instance Mt Sabinyo (3669m), Mt Muhavura (4127m) and Mgahinga (3474m) all these are found in Mgahinga Gorilla Park and climbing them can be incorporated with memorable gorilla trekking in Uganda’s smallest national park.

The Hiking opportunity in the Virungas also provides a golden chance for one to encounter some of the estimated 100 bird species housed in Mgahinga Gorilla Park.

However, two mountains over shadow them and provide an exclusive mountain climbing opportunity to visitors on climbing safaris in Uganda- the Rwenzori Mountain and Mt Elgon, and in addition to this, they offer an additional sightseeing.

The mountains in Uganda are charming littered with cliffs, caves, gorges as well as waterfalls and their upper slopes are draped in tropical montane forest, while above these wide tract, alpine moorland stenches over the calderas. The views or sights from the higher plains are among the most picturesque in Uganda.

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