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Martyrs Sites to be Made Tourist Attractions – Uganda safari News

uganda martyrs shrine namugongoUganda has a lot of tourist attractions that have attracted very many safaris to Uganda and yet is to be put on market so as to boost the tourism sector in Uganda.

These include the Uganda martyrs shrines that are yet to be made tourists attractions on Uganda safaris.

There are very many people working hard to build up the tourism sector so as to have more safaris in Uganda. This is so because Tourism is the major foreign exchange earner.

The Anglican and Catholic shrines at Namugongo are the places where the Uganda Martyrs were killed and the places have therefore become places of visit to the tourists. These martyrs are remembered every 3rd of June each year.

These Martyrs are always remembered and therefore people walk to these places to pray and repent for their sins. Some go to ask the martyrs on their behalf to ask God to forgive them their sins. The tourists who have seen this experience are so glad and therefore want to have more uganda safaris.

President Museveni pledged to improve the accommodation and sanitation of the shrines which will therefore boost the tourism sector. This is so because tourists on safaris in Uganda will be given proper services to be attracted to have more Uganda safaris.

The places are to be made tourist sites that will be a must safari to tourists on Uganda safaris hence boosting the tourism sector in Uganda and making Uganda a tourist destination.

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