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Local People Have Been Advised to Stop Deforestation – Uganda Safari News

deforestrationDeforestation is the process where people cut down trees. The local people in Uganda cut down trees in the National for their own purposes like to get timber, for settlement and so many others therefore reducing Uganda safaris.

This has therefore been discouraged because forests are homes to wildlife animals which attract more safaris in Uganda hence boosting the tourism sector and the economy because tourism is the major foreign exchange earner.

Deforestation leads to a decrease in the number of wild animals because the animals cross boundaries to other countries due to lack of homes as the trees are cut.

This therefore reduces the number of safaris in Uganda because the animals are no longer in existence.

This therefore reduces the efforts in the tourism sector and Uganda as a country because the foreign exchange earnings are reduced due to less Uganda safaris.

The Uganda wildlife Authority has therefore discouraged the local people from deforestation but rather afforestation so as to have more animals and therefore attract more safaris in Uganda.

The local people should first inquire before cutting down trees in case of any reasonable purpose.

This will therefore help improve the tourism sector hence attracting more tourists to come for Uganda safari.

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