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Lion Experience in Uganda

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Uganda as one of the best tourism destination in Africa really blessed with diverse numbers of tourism experiences with much unexplored potentials to act as pull fact of the first time and regular world travelers to book Safaris and tours in Uganda.

The interesting tourism experiences characterized by the presence of all the few big cats in Uganda’s protected Areas can be visited and their hidden aspect found out.

Travelers from various corners of the world have found Uganda to be unavoidable destination due to the most interesting King of the jungle i.e. the lion.

Across section of travelers on Uganda safari are always on the back of their safari guides to search for lions after which they demand for the Leopard.

Uganda Safaris presents life time experience to tourists who decide to take tour to the pearl of Africa and the long lasting impression comes from viewing the magnificent wild jungle King that presents its self as the only symbol of power, nobility and courage on crests family, national flags and courts of arm in many nations, companies, and civilizations.

The respected family cat leader which at one moment was sited from Greece to northern India can now be experienced in the sub-Saharan regions like Uganda and very small numbers can be found in India.

The most impressing bit of having lion experience in the pearl of Africa is that visitors have high opportunities of experiencing the lion in any of the three national parks ie the beautiful Queen Elizabeth national park which is the home to the rare tree climbing lions found in the Ishasha lion area with the population of 210 lions, also in Kidepo valley park which has 182 lions and the Uganda’s biggest national park Murchison Falls having population of 132 lions, not forgetting the Toro-Semiliki lion area which has rough estimate of five lions.

Most interesting to explore from this family cat member is that the lion has managed to form a social system which is much based on team work and separation of labor within the system pride.

For visitors who are very much interested in getting closer to African wild fauna, Safari tours in Uganda has rewarding experience which comes at cost of travelling down to Uganda the only outstanding destination with authentic experiences.

The unique and new experience got by the tourists when viewing the lions is also backed up with the monitoring of some unique exotic mammals and birds that fill the Ugandan protected areas were also the lions can be experienced.

The exceeding part of the experience is when visitors come to prove that lions like other species, when in arid hot areas are always lighter in colour and also happen to be darker in areas with vegetation which are dense.

The older lion being very different and this makes it unique hence easily identifiable from the other species of the cat family and also the maturely independent lion tends to have a weight of 150 to 250 kilograms and the female counter part can weigh like to around 120 to 182 kilograms.

Having Safaris and tours in Uganda means that visitors are welcomed to green savanna grasslands with woodlands and dense bushes which are the habitat for the great lion which is described to be laziest animal among the big cats and this is attributed to the fact that lions usually take16 -20 hrs.

Per day resting and the remaining time is mostly spent by the females hunting while males patrol their boundaries to ensure that they are protected from their enemies.

To experience the tree climbing lion which tends to cover it’s self from sunshine while resting in the umbrella is more memorable like someone going to haven to witness how the heavenly Father protects its children on earth.

The believable truth about having lion experience in Uganda organized by the Uganda safari tours is that visitors have chances of experiencing the lions which are the only largest and imposing carnivores in Africa and the true social cats which are of special cultural importance in almost each and every country in the African continent.

The lion experience in Uganda is made unforgettable experience to the visitors by the friendly-loving nature of Ugandans which provide a warm welcome to any new person in their home land and more exceeding happiness is backed up by the presence of world class hotels, lodges, and other recreational places which provide wide range of services and facilities to visitors who mighty be having their first time travel to Africa and even to our lovely regular visitors.

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