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Lake Mburo National Park to Host a Marathon – Uganda Safari News

Lake mburo national park The Uganda safari destination of Lake Mburo National Park located in the south west of Uganda is one of the impressive savannah protected areas that we have in Uganda.

The park lies in the traditional range lands of Ankole which were previously occupied by the Banyankole pastoralists grazing their beautiful Ankole long horned cattle a unique species of its kind in Uganda.

The news of this maiden park hosting the marathon comes in at a time when the tourism stake holders are all aiming at devising the means of increasing the numbers of safaris in Uganda including gorilla safaris in Uganda.

The marketing body Uganda Tourism Board and the Conservation body Uganda Wildlife Authority along with a private proprietor in Kampala have teamed up to make sure that this marathon becomes a success.

The Marathon to be hosted in Lake Mburo National Park is seen as a strategy through which domestic Uganda safaris and tours can be enhanced.

The event which is listed as the first of its sort is set to take place on 19th July 2015 in the Lake Mburo National Park in Southwestern Uganda and the prospected funds are set to enhance conservation efforts and the lives of the communities that are surrounding the park.

The Marathon is seen as another effort by the respective authorities in Uganda to turn tourism into a strong revenue source considering the fact that Uganda is gifted by nature with lots of attractions that have at times prompted world travellers to do safaris to Uganda.

The event is set to be organized every year and the members of the East African Community are expected to participate in enormous numbers.

The safety of the participants is in good state as the park has no fierce animals like lions and the rangers along with the Uganda Police will be at road sides to enhance the safety of the participants.

The Authorities from Uganda Tourism Board acknowledged the event and noted that it is an inevitable move that would promote the National Parks which are not well conserved at the moment.

Only six (6) of Uganda’s National Parks are generating the revenue to run the ten (10) National Parks and twelve (12) game reserves.

The Marathon event in Lake Mburo National Park will also include the memorable game viewing experiences, boat ride on Lake Mburo, and nature walks not forgetting thrilling foods from the safari lodges in Lake Mburo protected area.

The visitors on a safari in Uganda can also participate in the event.
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