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Kwita Izina to Attract More Tourists to Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

gorillas in rwandaThis is the annual naming of mountain gorillas in Rwanda. These gorillas are normally named after their birth and the main reason is to help in the monitoring of the new born baby gorillas  in their groups.

it was started as a  way of bringing recognition about the mountain gorillas to both international and local tourists who enjoy gorilla trekking safaris.

 Another aim of this ceremony is to help in protecting the mountain gorillas and their habitants with in the national parks.

Rwanda has been awarded for innovation in public policy and governance, because of this ceremony which has continued to attract more tourists who come for gorilla tracking tours to Uganda.

This gorilla naming ceremony first took place in 2005 and it was named Kwita Izina, this ceremony usually involved the whole community, its main aim was to create awareness for the conservation of mountain gorillas as well as empowering the communities near volcanoes national park.

Rwanda is a home to about 300 mountain gorillas and these have attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda and these have greatly attracted high revenues to the tourism sector. The ceremony is celebrated each year in the country and this has helped in creating awareness about Rwanda as a tourist destination.

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