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KCCA Festival; a Drive to Tourism Development in Uganda

kcca festivalThe Kampala Capital City Festival (KCCF) is an annual event that has been happening in Kampala in the second half of every year especially October invigorating majority of the Kampala residents and the people in the neighboring towns and countries to do Uganda tours so as to be part of the development.

This Year, the KCCA festival locked the streets of Kampala on the 4th of October as the great counts of people repossessed the always busy Kampala streets to undertake the sharing and celebrating of the city’s cosmopolitan culture, food, dance, song, shopping, entertainment and fun to the maximum. The Uganda safari undertakers could not lay behind when the blast is going on.

The festivity is seen as an initiative that presents the Kampala city residents an opportunity to own and take pride in it and its surroundings.

Considering the fact that Kampala is a cosmopolitan city with a mixture of inhabitants including the Indians from as far as Asia, the Rwandans across the border, the Masaai from the rolling savannahs of Kenya and Tanzania, the towering Dinkas from South Sudan among others, the Kampala festival stands as the only opportunity through which all these people and cultures can bring out their unique elements and express themselves to one another making the event more vibrant, re-uniting and memorable even to the visiting travelers on safaris in Uganda.

Imagine the mixture of Indian Saris, the Rwandan Mishananas, the Masaai’s Shuka added to the Baganda’s gomesi, the Banyankole’s Minagiro and the whole 65 tribal content of Uganda!

Considering the fact that the Ugandans in general are dreaming of a cosmopolitan Kampala where the residents, leaders, students, business people along with Children thrive together, the significance of such festival which is now in its 4th year of operation cannot be under looked while seeking the avenue to achieve such move.

Therefore expanding it and making it a world class event well branded to showcase the Uganda’s best to the globe which will in turn invigorate the world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda is the way to go.

The KCCA Festival is also viewed as an avenue for exploring the opportunities for networking connecting business men and thus widening the Uganda’s trade network.

In addition, the festival is unquestionable endeavor through which the Uganda tour products can be demonstrated to the entire world.

The incorporation of the Private sector is a move to building a sustainable event while considering the fact that the KCCA festival celebrates everyone including the ordinary residents that run small businesses like snack stalls other than remaining a preserve for the most influential like the multimillion conferences such as CHOGM where the ordinary people have no access to such opportunities, KCCA festival stands to be of great significance to common man in Kampala and the surroundings.

Similar events have been successful in showcasing various cities to the world including the Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro Carnival and London’s Notting Hill Carnival.

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