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Markets in Kampala

Kampala has range of markets that offer different commodities like foodstuffs, clothing, and accessories among other items. These markets vary in price of their commodities mostly depending on their location and the type of the clientele that frequent them.

These include;

Owino Market.

Formerly St. Balikuddembe Market, it is among from food stuffs to second hand clothes, Accessories among other products. It is well known for its cheap prices and they will get cheaper when you know how to bargain. It is located close to Nakivubo stadium and within the walkable distance from the two Bus parks, Taxi Parks and the city center.

Nakasero Market

This is located on the foothills of Nakasero and appears smaller compared to the Owino Market. It is well known for its fruits though other food stuffs, textiles, electronics and shoes are available.

Wandegeya Market. This is located at the heart of Wandegeya. It is a new market with modern buildings with multiple levels. It is apparently the well-constructed market in Kampala. It contains foodstuffs, clothing, and accessories among other items.

Kalerwe Market. This is locatedalong Gayaza Road close to Norther Bypass over 5km from Kampala city. Kalerwe is the destination for produce from Luwero, Wakiso, Mbarara, Mukono among other producing areas. This is primarily fresh foods like; Fruits, Yellow Bananas, Vegetables, Matooke, Cassava roots, Beans, Potatoes, Chicken, Goat Meat and Fish.

Nakawa Market. This is located along Jinja Road over 4 km from city center. It is a destination for produce from eastern Uganda and it offers products like; garments Food stuff among other products.