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Kampala City Festival; An Explosion with the Capital of Uganda

kampala city festivalsApart from the common traffic that always make Uganda safari undertakers irritated, Kampala has another rich encounter that everyone would never wish to lose.

Kampala is a cosmopolitan city with a great deal of business featuring local and regional trade.

Besides that, it is also a political and commercial center with concentrations of both government and commercial buildings and staff.

As a result, during the working days, the city is filled with multitudes of people from all walks of life chasing varying errands – something that travellers on safari in Uganda normally wonder of.

With this background, it would thus sound like an impossible moment to have all these people gather together to have a lifetime annual celebration in the heart of their beloved city.

This makes the Kampala City Festival stand out from other ordinary events. On 4th October, 2014, the city hosted this mighty event which pulled a crowd of people from within and even prompted others to plan safaris to Uganda so as to be part of this fun filled event.

The event was full of encounters ranging from live stage performances by re-known local musicians to gospel shows, wildlife viewing, and kids’ plays among others which mesmerized those who managed to attend.

This annual event is seen as an explosion with in the country’s capital where all people put their daily routine aside to enjoy the great offers of this city.

Kampala is a rich heritage city with great Uganda safari products. These range from religious attractions like Namirembe and Rubaga cathedrals, Baha’i temple, Hindu temple and Gadhafi mosque; cultural attractions like the Kabaka’s palace, Kasubi tombs and Kabaka’s Lake; National Museums and monuments, historical sites like the Amin’s torture chambers among others.

The recreational offers in the city also give the true taste to the locals and travellers on safari in Uganda.
Since the Kampala City festival is annual, it is very significant to include it on your list of items that you will encounter while planning a safari to Uganda in that very period.

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