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Kalerwe Market Provides Tourists with Fruits

kalerwe marketKalerwe Market is among the biggest markets in Uganda. It is found along Gayaza road. The place is visited by tourists as they come for safaris in Uganda.

This is a place where visitors buy nice organic foods at cheap prices during their Uganda visits.

Therefore as they go to tour the place they are attracted to buy things like fruits so as to support the market vendors.

The market has foods like Matooke which is the most stable food for the Ugandans, potatoes, cassava, yams, beans, tomatoes, onions, and fruits like mangoes, passion fruits, oranges and so many others.

Travelers therefore like buying things in this market as they are attractive and cheap.

The market vendors pile these items in an organized so as to attract the people and the tourists who have never seen this method hence discovering many new things on their tours to Uganda.

 The tourists like interacting with the market vendor which is an interesting experience for their safari tours in Uganda.

They always ask them the problems they have, what they sell, how much, which seasons and so many other questions they want.

The vendors all yearn to be asked which amazes the tourists and hence makes them happy while on their Uganda visits.

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