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Kabaka’s View of how to Generate Wealth in Buganda – Uganda Safari News

buganda tourismKabaka while in Bugerere County emphasized hard work, persistence, creativity, rights, peace, freedom and transformation. He said to develop Buganda all those must be put in place.

This is because if they are put in place more tourists will be attracted to come to Uganda for investments hence boosting the tourism sector and also develop Uganda as a country.

Kabaka said many people sell their belongings so as to earn a living which is not right.

He said one must be creative and hardworking so as to create their employment opportunities.

This will help stop people from being reluctant and idle hence fighting poverty as well.

This will create more investment opportunities hence attracting more safaris to Uganda especially by business tourists hence developing the business sectors of Uganda.

He said different potential individuals must be given capital loans so as to start up different business sector.

They can invest in tourism, agriculture, and other self employed businesses so as to fight poverty.

This will help Ugandans live a happy life and also make Uganda a better place to live in. This will increase the number of Uganda safaris hence boosting the tourism sector in Uganda.

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