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Introduction to Mountain Gorillas – Gorilla Safari News

gorillas Mountain gorillas have been studied and a lot has been discovered about these interesting primates.

Much has been studied about their ecology, diet, movement, disease attack and many more.

This has helped in providing adequate information about the mountain gorillas, hence helping in increasing the number of gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda and Rwanda.

Mountain gorillas live in drastically different habitats and their species from swamp to montane forest.

The eastern gorillas live in submontane and montane forests. The mountain gorillas live at the highest elevations.

They are commonly found in Bwindi Impenetrable national park which is found in Uganda and also in volcanoes national park which is located in Rwanda. These have greatly attracted many gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.

The mountain gorillas have got differences between themselves; these differences come in the size range, social behaviors and many other features.

They have similar synchronized activities and these range between rest periods and the travel or feeding periods.

Mountain gorillas mainly feed on leaves, stems, pith and shoots of the vegetation. They normally chose high quality, high protein, low fibre and the low foods from the species to complete their diet.

These unique features have greatly attracted many gorilla safaris to both Uganda and Rwanda.

Mountain gorillas face many threats and these have greatly reduced their numbers which has affected mountain gorilla tours in Uganda and Rwanda.

These include; poaching, disease attacks, hunting, displacement and these have greatly damaged the mountain gorilla growth rates within the national parks

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