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Insurmountable Beauty in Uganda’s Most Coveted National Park

Holidays are often the best part of the queen elizabeth national park ugandayear. It is around this time that we get to treat ourselves to the fruits of the sweat that we break on most of the working days in the year.

A Uganda tour and Safari will lead you to some of the best holiday locations that you will ever find on this planet including Queen Elizabeth National park which is dubbed “The Medley of Wonders”.

The park covers quite a large area (1,978 sq km) and stretches into four southwestern districts of Uganda called Rukungiri, Bushenyi, Kasese and Kamwenge enabling it to avail travelers with the best that there is in these four districts.

Originally branded Kazinga National Park, Queen Elizabeth was gazetted in 1952 into a National Park principally to protect the diverse but priceless biomes that roamed this part of Uganda (and she has served her purpose pretty well).

Two years later, after a visit by Her Highness the queen of England (Elizabeth II) Kazinga National Park got a new name.

It might have been intentional or coincidental that she chose this park, but the unbelievable beauty that the Queen England saw over 50 years ago is still available for travelers to see; only if they choose to make a safari and tour to Uganda.

In Queen Elizabeth’s boundaries are many ecosystems ranging from the savanna grasslands which spread across the largest area of the park; captivating wetland systems, moist forests with many shades of an artist’s green, and rough rock outcrops.

These not only provide some of the most glorious photo spots in the country but are thankful feeding and chilling spots for one of Africa’s densest assemblage of wildlife.

The Uganda Safari menu for guests to Queen Elizabeth includes over 95 species of mammals. Tourists will be able to move through the savanna ecosystem which is greatly populated by wildlife which enjoys feeding on the park’s green.

As they graze, tourists may be fortunate enough to see some of the park’s daytime or nocturnal hunters chasing and then pouncing on one of the herbivores in order to get their meals for the day. Queen Elizabeth tells a story of survival that is only limited to the fit.

The park’s Kazinga channel that connects Lake George to the larger Lake Edward boasts of one of the largest populations of hippopotamuses (over 5,000 hippos).

There is a variety of classic small and big game including over 25,000 elephants, numerous prides of lions, chimpanzee communities, bats, crocodiles and Uganda kobs. It is only in a few places that you will find tree climbing lions; making a game drive to the Ishasha sector in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth a worthwhile venture.

Are you looking for the perfect birding spots in Uganda? Well you just found them. So far, we have been able to count at least 600 species of birds, making Queen Elizabeth Uganda’s leading National Park in terms of bird species and is perhaps the reason why it was recognized by Birding International as an Important Birding Area (IBA) not only in Africa but the world at large.

The park’s many activities for tourists on Safaris in Uganda include nature walks, game drives, and launch trips on the oasis of life (Kazinga Channel); and cultural encounters with the people who inhabit the four districts of Rukungiri, Kasese, Kamenge and Bushenyi make queen’s list of wonders endless.

Exploring the African wilderness during the day and then enjoying a night’s rest in one of the comfortable accommodations is the perfect way to spend your holiday. Welcome to Uganda’s most popular area of a National Park.

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