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Increased Population for Mountain Gorillas in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

gorilla familyThe recent census has showed that there has been an increase in the total population of the mountain gorillas in Uganda.

These are found in Bwindi impenetrable National park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park.

These have therefore attracted more gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda since gorilla tracking is the most interesting activity for the tourists in Uganda therefore boosting the tourism sector.

The increase of mountain gorillas shows that there are strict resolutions that Uganda has embarked on so as to reduce the causes of death to mountain gorillas.

These include killing of poachers so as to reduce poaching, keeping a distance from gorillas so as to reduce the spread of diseases, educating the local people so as to reduce habitat loss.

These solutions have therefore helped to increase the number of gorilla tours in Uganda.

The increased number of gorilla visits has led to increase in the revenues of Uganda.

The revenues help to improve more infrastructure in Uganda such as roads so as to provide good journeys to the tourist, Renovate the hotels and lodges in Uganda so as visitors have comfortable nights while on a gorilla tours in Uganda and it is also used to improve and increase more tourist attractions in Uganda so to promote more Uganda safaris.

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