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Important Ways of Protecting Mountain Gorillas – Gorilla Safari News

 silver back gorillaMountain gorillas in Uganda, DRC and Rwanda are a source of tourist attractions since  they have a lot of interesting things in common with humans therefore travelers come to track these rare animals in Bwindi impenetrable National Park hence more gorilla safaris.Gorilla permits cost $400 in DRC, $600 in Uganda and $750 in Rwanda. The following are the ways of how mountain gorillas are protected.

Most gorillas have died due to infections from people especially respiratory diseases.

Therefore to avoid this people are stopped from trekking gorillas while they are sick due to their similarity with people.

This has helped gorillas stay away from diseases hence living a health life and thereby promoting more gorilla trekking safaris in those regions.

The tourists  should stay about 7meters from the gorillas so as to avoid getting diseases from the animals and not to distract the gorillas.

The tourists can donate to organizations which protect mountain gorillas but considering the which organizations and also get information about it.

The money collected helps in conserving and preserving different gorilla projects and also provides medicine to the gorillas so as to have more gorilla tracking.

While in the National Parks tourists are urged to carryout other activities such as bird watching so as to be entertained.This money is used for more developments in the sector hence promoting more gorilla safaris.

People around the parks benefit from the revenues there fore work hard to protect the mountain gorillas therefore tourists are advised to support them through attending to their shops, restaurants and many more.

This can be done through giving contributions to the local people so as to help preserve the animals and promote more gorilla tracking safaris.

Tourists shouldn’t  buy products if they donot know their origins and also report cases of people who sell animals when alive since poachers poach animals for sell instead of meat.

They should not buy products with wild animals parts so as to reduce poaching.

Trek with a responsible trek provider who will offer funds to support the conservation and preservation projects.

They should also get bookings with offers so as to attract more people to come for gorilla tracks in different areas.Tourists can donate to the organization so as to improve the sector.

Travelers can help talk to their friends about gorillas and the beauty about it. This can help increase gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Uganda and DRC.

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