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I’djwi Island in Congo; Beautiful Places of Lake Kivu

Interested in Congo holiday tour sites? Idjwi Island within Lake Kivu to the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the beautiful places that should be hardly missed out.

With a total surface area of 340 km2, Idjwi Island is arguably the second largest inland island in Africa, and tenth in the world. Idjwi Island is “Africa’s Forgotten Island” because the Island people were surrounded by war for years.

Despite the fact that there are very many active international organizations in Eastern Congo, there was literally no support for the Idjwi Community.

This craggy island encircled by the serenity of Lake Kivu is one of the most beautiful places you can ever travel to.

The profuse greenery and the view of the wide and unperturbed lake is a dream come true for the vacation holidays in Congo and one reason why travelers moving from Goma to Bukavu are usually advised to have a tour on this popular island.

Idjwi Island is known as a safe haven in the region because of its calm landscape with hospitable natives. As soon as you drop here, you can’t hesitate to have the sights and sounds of the Bukavu area.

A humbling feeling of the hospitable crowd pervades you immediately. The limitless fields, pocket-sized villages, and rural fishing communities create a magnificent experience of cultural tours in Congo.

Idjwi Island is a home and a place one would like to teach people about. It’s a peerless chance to see the distinctive side of the DRC and support local communities.

On a tour to Idjwi Island in Congo, you be assured of meeting local people and exploring various communities.

Walk to the pottery, fishing, farming and brick making communities. In addition, you can visit the local markets, schools, and health clinics that dot the island.

Proud of their culture, the Ban ‘Idjwi (people of Idjwi) are tremendously eager to reveal their everyday way of life to visitors on a Congo tour.

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