Idi Amin was once a president of Uganda from 1971 to 1979, He was a dictator and due to that many people hate him that they do not what to talk about his history. Idi Amin became a president after withdrawing Milton Obote in a military coup. President Amin died after his life support machines were disconnected by his family and was buried. Tourists get full information about this President as they come to safari Uganda.

 However the tourism department has not forgotten his efforts and benefits he achieved for the tourism sector which have attracted more safaris to Uganda. The Uganda tourism board together with the tour operators has come up with the goal of marketing his remains so as to attract more tours in Uganda and also remember him for his deeds towards the tourism sector.

The tourist attractions that have attracted more tourists to tour Uganda include the cultural events, like circumcisions, Kampala festivals, sports, Idi Amin trail, different Ugandan tribe Expos and so many other attractions. These have therefore attracted many visitors to come for safari visits in Uganda. This has promoted the tourism sector hence boosting the tourism sector.

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