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How the Gorilla Spends its Day Time – Uganda Safari News

Gorillas start their days early in the morning at 6: 00am as they wake up and start looking for what to eat.

These look for food like fruits, leaves, vines, roots, stems and so many others.

In some months they can look for the bamboo shoots and the insects. Male adult gorillas eat almost 20km daily and rarely drink because their food contains water.

This makes gorillas look healthy and therefore attract gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.

Generally in a day gorillas spend 30% of their time feeding in the forests and some other places, about 30% of their time traveling to different places for food, shelter and other activities.

They live in a home of about 20sqkm therefore do not move more than a kilometer daily.

However within this time tourists on Gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda get the opportunity to track the gorillas. Gorillas spend 40% of their day time resting so as to refresh their bodies and minds.

Gorillas spend their afternoon times having rest and at times playing with the others which tourists like watching while on their Uganda and Rwanda gorilla tracking safaris.

The gorillas spend time hugging and interacting with others, wrestle each other until one of them is thrown on the ground.

The young gorillas participate in this activity because this is the reason for their distribution into different groups therefore interesting to the tourists on gorilla trekking safaris.

Before the sunset, gorillas start constructing their nest where they sleep during the night.

Every adult gorilla has their own nests which are constructed using branches of plants and they are built on the trees or the grounds in the forests.

This is so unique on the eyes of the tourists on their Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safaris.

The infant gorillas stay with their mothers next to them. This is really a unique experience that tourists must see on their Uganda and Rwanda safari hence making Uganda and Rwanda the best tourism destinations.

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