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How Mountain Gorillas are Affected by Climate Change – Gorilla Safari News

mountain gorilla trekking safarisMountain gorillas live in mountainous areas and the climate in such areas keeps on changing which also brings about some effects to the mountain gorillas with in their habitants.

The mountain gorillas are mostly used to living in cool environments since their body temperatures change according to the weather.

Many scientists have travelled to Uganda for gorilla trekking safaris so that they can also study about the effect of climate change on the gorillas.

 During the sunny weather, the gorillas face a problem of food since the plants are seriously dying and yet they are in need of feeding which leads to death of them especially the young ones which cannot stand the hunger like the elderly gorillas.

This is a bad effect especially to the gorilla safaris with in the country hence affecting the revenues generated.

The new report shows that the mountain gorillas can be able to avoid the effects of climate change, since warm temperatures will try to push plant species far in the mountains where the mountain gorillas live and hence they can be able to get food hence increasing their numbers and also increasing the mountain gorilla safaris to Uganda.

 The mountain gorillas can able to adapt to the effects of the climate change since they can be able to adapt to changes in vegetation.

This means that the humans near the mountain gorillas will also have to adapt as well. Rainy seasons always keep the mountain gorillas in their habitants and they can easily be trekked by the tourists.

A better option might be relocating some of the mountain gorillas to entirely new territories, but however the gorillas might be exposed to many diseases which might affect their numbers in the near future. Also predators might affect them so much.

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