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How Long Does a Gorilla Live? General Lifespan of a Gorilla

Wondering how long does a gorilla live? General gorilla life span is between to 35-40 years in their natural habitats and can live to 50 years in captivity according to WWF. The oldest known Western Gorillas was female and she died at 69 years on 17/01/2017 at Colombus Zoo & Aquarium.

Age Affects to how Long does a gorilla live? Why do Old Gorillas Die Easily-

  • The life span of mountain gorillas is usually range from 35 to 40 years. Old gorillas often suffer from arthritis, which mainly damages the bones in their hands and feet.
  • Old Gorillas also suffer from the loss of teeth as a consequence of periodontitis, so that they have a problem with feeding.
  • It Old Gorillas longer to feed and to travel than the other members of the group. Gorilla families adjust their activities accordingly and look after the aged members, in a similar way as they treat sick individuals. Only when death is imminent, the old animals are sometimes abandoned or they retreat on their own accord.

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