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How to Book a Gorilla Permit in Uganda, Rwanda, Congo.

A Guide To Gorilla Trekking in Congo

How do I get a gorilla permit in Uganda? is a common question for those planning their Gorilla tours to Uganda to trek and see mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

The best how to book a Gorilla trek in Uganda or to book a permit for gorilla trekking in Uganda is by using a trusted Uganda Gorilla Safari Company / Tour Operator BUT you can risk doing it yourself.

You can directly apply for a gorilla permit to Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) by email or telephone. It’s however important to note that applying for a gorilla permit in Uganda directly is not easy and most people who apply directly become frustrated.

Many are unable to get through with calls or emails. You should also note that only a small portion of permits are allocated for direct sell.

You are strongly advised to book your Uganda gorilla permit through a Uganda tour operator. During your search for tour operators in Uganda, you will find out that there are over 300 tour and travel companies in Uganda.

However, some of these companies are ‘Briefcase companies’. A fraction of those is officially recognized partners in the marketing and selling of gorilla permits.

How do I book a gorilla trek in Uganda?  How to get a trustable Dependable Gorilla Safari Company in Uganda

The best Uganda gorilla trekking companies are those that have permanent offices and members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO).

One of the reasons why you book you gorilla permit through a tour operator is that tour operators have intimate knowledge of the accommodation option and proximity of gorilla families.

Also, routes to Bwindi National Park and its various regions are often tricky because it is a remote area. If you would like to plan a gorilla tour in Uganda on your own to save costs, you might end up incurring more.

Uganda safari operators know these remote areas very well and their drivers are experts at negotiating slippery and steep dirt roads.

Tour operators also don’t ask for any extra money for the gorilla permit if you’re reserving the rest of your tour through them. Any additional costs will be for services like telephone and transport that will be incurred when acquiring the permit. Tour operators usually speed the reservation so you can confirm your gorilla permit faster.

Note: Since 2014, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) started issuing gorilla permits according to the region within the park where the gorillas are located.

This moves visitors easier particularly in Bwindi National Park which has 4 gorilla trekking sectors (Buhoma, Nkuringo, Ruhija, and Rushaga) each with a different gorilla family. The permits are bought according to the specific gorilla trekking sectors.

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