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Hot Air Balloon: A More Fascinating Way to Explore Uganda’s Medley of Wonders

Tourists who have been to Uganda continue to profess of the beauty that makes this landlocked country the heart of Africa’s endowments.

Safaris and tours have for long been conducted in Uganda offering tourists some of the most enjoyable few days of their lives but this is only going to get better with the introduction of an amicably new way of exploring Uganda’s most popular protected area; Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Uganda’s Safari guests have in the past been able to engage in activities like game drives, walking safaris, the interesting horseback tours, and the rewarding launch cruises on the wetlands situated in some of the National Parks.

Uganda is however fortunate enough to proclaim that her visitors can now view her gorgeousness from a view that is still virgin (like kings from above).

After ascertaining the proficiency of Balloon Tours (U) LTD, the Civil Aviation Authority of Uganda (CAA) flagged off the operation of the first ever hot air balloon to be used for tours in Uganda’s Medley of Wonders (Queen Elizabeth National Park) in what will be called balloon safaris. Hopefully more balloons will be introduced and the activity extended to Uganda’s other National Parks.

The activity starts early in the morning at 5:30 am with a quest for the perfect spot for takeoff. Once the weather measurements are done and the perfect spot is agreed upon, tourists have a cup of tea or coffee as the balloon crew and the pilot expertly unload and setup the balloon; starting with cold inflation and then finalizing with inflating the balloons with hot air. Hot air is put in to make the equipment buoyant in the cold air through which the balloon will fly.

When the balloon is ready and the tourists are through with warming up, briefing ensues about flight procedures after which they embark the equipment.

A Hot Air Balloon has a bag on top which is similar to a child’s balloon and is called an envelope. The envelope is knitted with a gondola which looks a lot like a basket; and it is in this (the gondola) that the tourists climb.

The equipment has a heating source to keep tourists warm at the varyingly high altitudes as they enjoy vistas of the African wilderness below them.

The fascinating Safari in a Hot Air Balloon lasts a full hour in which tourists will see most of the park’s nocturnal wildlife species returning to their hiding spots while also observing a great population of daytime dwellers coming out from where they enjoyed the previous night’s dreams.

After the sixty (60) minutes’ flight, the expert pilot will majestically direct the balloon to a spot where tourists will enjoy a kingly bush breakfast prepared by Mweya Safari Lodge.

As they enjoy their meal, tourists will chat about their experience and can also still see some of the park’s interesting wildlife.

Balloon Tours (U) LTD offers an insurance cover of up to 500,000 Uganda Shillings (about 149 US$) to its clients and all interested participants are required to only pay 380 dollars (US$).

Apparently there is only one balloon so making an earlier booking puts you in a better position to participate in this activity.

How nice it is to be among the few who unwrap this new Safari adventure in Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth National Park! Hot Air Balloons; a brand new way to enjoy Uganda’s treasures.

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