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Hope for Mountain Gorillas in Congo

The mountain gorillas in Congo have so far been affected by the war and this has greatly hindered the number of mountain gorilla trekking safaris with in the country. This is because most of them have been injured and others killed which has affected tourism development within Congo.

The conflicts which are taking place in Congo are continuously restricting the game rangers from taking care of the mountain gorillas, this has proved a problem since, the number of tourists who are travelling to Congo to do gorilla trekking is no more and this has also affected Uganda and Rwanda since the tourists think that these two countries are also affected by war.

However, these mountain gorillas should have hope since the conflicts which are taking place with in that country are about to end and the gorilla tracking safaris will soon resume within the country.

This means that the threat to the great apes will finally come to an end in Congo, this will help in reviving the tourism sector in that Congo.

Some mountain gorillas in Congo moved to Bwindi impenetrable national park and others to Volcanoes national park, and this helped them to avoid being killed by the rebels, this greatly helped in increasing the number of these apes hence increasing the number of gorilla tracking safaris.

The mountain gorillas have faced many threats during the conflicts which were taking place in Congo, these include, displacement from their habitants , diseases , killings and hunting  of these great apes, this greatly affected the mountain gorillas hence reducing the number of gorilla safaris.

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