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Having Wonderful Adventure Experience in Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

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Rwanda a small land located county is a home of adventure and adventurous travelers who take safaris to Rwanda depart with exciting memorable experiences.

Rwanda is blessed with different natural features where visitors can have full adventurous experience and these features range from the magnificent Virunga massifs, to the serene Loviest lakes and even various resorts ,beaches which are the main Center’s where one can participate in adventurous activities.

The best adventure experience can be experienced in  Lake Kivu which is the biggest fresh water body in Rwanda and it offers tourists on their Rwanda adventure safaris to explore avariety of activities and among these include participating in water sports activities like fishing in the white waters of the lake, getting involved in kayaking activities which makes the visitors to feel the waters of African lakes, taking boat cruise or canoeing in Lake Kivu is so marvelous because the cruise enable one to explore different parts of the lake and also enjoy the views of different bird species living in the banks of the lake and the seaside like temperatures experienced in the cool waters of the lake enables the visitor to enjoy the calm temperatures in the land of thousand hills.

The other prominent places where visitors can have wonderful adventure experience in Rwanda is at Jambo Beach found in lake Muhazi just sixty square kilometers eastern direction from Kigali main city.

In this beach visitors can enjoy activities such as swimming in the waters of Lake Muhazi, boat riding, beach games such as beach football, valley balls, among others.

The local guide found in this area help to teach visitors about the history of the places and ways, norms of the local people and they also teach travelers how to ride boat.

Hiking and mountain biking adventure can be experienced by the tourist who takes Safaris to Rwanda’s volcanic hills, Mountain hiking in the Virunga massifs and climbing the stunning falls in the Nyungwe national park offers the tourists with the best adventurous experience.

Hiking can also be enjoyed in the well-developed nature walks trails in Volcanoes national park
Relaxing and refreshing while participating in different adventurous activities in the three famous resort towns of Gisenyi as well as the Karongi and Rusizi which stand on the littoral and also linked by a wild roller-coaster road that falls suddenly through lush green plantain fields full of relic patches offer the best enjoyment to tourists on his or her Rwanda safaris.

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