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Having a Whole Day Thrill With Chimpanzees – Uganda Safari News

chimpanzees-uganda-primesafarisThe Uganda safari destination of Kibale National Park also    known as the primate capital world is gifted with 13 species of primates among which include the common chimpanzee which is the man’s closest relative.

Chimpanzees are among the prime products that are offered to travellers on safaris in Uganda. Chimpanzee trekking safaris and gorilla trekking safaris form central products of Uganda’s tourism industry.

However, there country has a lot more to offer in terms of experiencing these maiden primates.
The Chimpanzee habituation which presents the travellers on Uganda safaris an opportunity to spend the whole day with chimpanzees in the process of drawing them closer to humans reducing their wild character is one of those thrilling encounters to have in Uganda.

The chimpanzee habituation experience is apparently famously done in Kibale National Park where the participants are at Kanyanchu as early as 6am local time to set off to the forest to catch up with chimpanzees as they wake up, set out to feed, socialize, hunt, play and other thrilling encounters until retiring in the evening to form new nests and heading for overnight around 7pm local time.

This activity which is increasingly gaining ground on the lists of the travellers that plan  gorilla safaris to Uganda is filled with remarkable memories.

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