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Have a City Tour in Kigali of Rwanda – Rwanda Safari News

Kigali City Tour Excursion, 1 Day Kigali City Tour, Kigali City One Day Tour-TripKigali is a great city with many treasures to experience and that’s the main reason why it has continued to attract more safari visits to Rwanda.

Rwanda is filled with art facts and these include the ishyo Art center and the Goethe institute. These provide a plat form for all the artists, cultural performers, activists, entrepreneurs and all those interested in traditional and contemporary modes of artistic expressions. All these have greatly helped in attracting safaris to Rwanda.

There are also skyscrapers which are commonly known as the Kigali city tower. It’s located in the city centre and its blue and curvy building with a protruding stick line and it’s the only sky scraper in the city.

It’s also considered as the tallest building in the country with designed architect and beauty.it has got many components and these include; supermarkets, offices, restaurants, gadgets, boutiques and many shops. These have been loved by many tourists who come for safari tours to Rwanda.

The city has also got the mamba club which is located in kimihurura .it has a bar and restaurant and it has got many healthy fitness facilities which include the swimming pool, hot yoga facility and many more which facilitate tourists who come for safari visits to Rwanda. There is also the Kigali national library for those interested in reading while on vacation.

There is also the genocide memorial Gisozi, this site has greatly attracted many tourists to travel to Rwanda.

Its located on one of Kigali‘s hills, the site tells about over 250000 mass graves of the people who died during those days. There are also many other attractions which can be viewed in Kigali city.

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