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Government to Push Through With Construction of a Power Dam On Top Of Murchison Falls.

Government to push through with the construction of a power dam on top of Murchison Falls. The government of Uganda announces fresh plans of carrying out a feasibility study about the possibility of constructing a hydroelectric power dam on top of Murchison falls.

This new announcement comes only after 2 months when a whistleblower had leaked photos of a letter sent to the Electricity Regulation Authority by a South African energy company Bonang Power & Energy Pty Limited in which the company expressed its intention to carry out a feasibility study to construct on the lower end of Murchison falls on the Albert Nile.

murchison falls 2These leaked documents caused an uproar in the tourism community as well as the legislative assembly of our dear motherland as the legislators opposed such a venture that would ultimately lead to the destruction of the falls, the speaker of the Ugandan assembly right Hon Rebecca Kadaga asked the government to commit itself to the preservation of the falls which it did through a statement read on the floor of parliament by the minister of state for Environment Mary Katutu during her address to parliament  much to the delight of the tourism community which felt this was a no go zone area for such a development.

Fast forward, a few days ago, the government seems to be backtracking to its own promise of not considering to “okay” the idea of developing a dam near Murchison falls. On Monday the president of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during an address to the nation at State House Entebbe made a subtle hint about his position on this issue when he said the government would go-ahead to construct a dam at Uhuru falls and that those who opposed this idea didn’t know what they were talking about”.

The president stand seemed to be echoed again yesterday by Hon Godfrey Kiwanda during a stakeholders conference in the wildlife sector that took place at Skyzs hotel Naguru where he said that “we should investigate through the implications of the power dam.

We have backtracked on an earlier decision where the cabinet had resolved that the feasibility study shouldn’t be conducted.”

Angry Reactions from the Stakeholders

This new stand took all the stakeholders present at the conference by surprise and definitely got them agitated.

“Politician always disregard conservation matters and front development irrespective of the huge cost the country pays”. Simon Nampindo the director of the wildlife conservation society said.

He further added that scientific reasons are not often considered by politicians and this is likely to be the case with Murchison falls”, added Simon Nampindo.

Murchison falls

muchson vistThe Murchison falls are part of the signature tourism attractions in Murchison Falls National Park which draw in hundreds of thousands of tourist to the park for an epic Uganda wildlife safari experience besides the rich biodiversity that exists within the park.

A Uganda safari to Murchison falls gives you an opportunity to encounter nature at its absolute best with sightings of numerous mammals like the 5 big Africa game which include lions, cape buffaloes, leopards, African bush elephants and rhinos at the adjacent Ziwa rhino tracking sanctuary.

For birders, Uganda safari tour Murchison is a walk in a birding haven as you are guaranteed with sightings of several of the 450 bird species that are found within the park hence making it a favourable spot for your Uganda bird watching safari experience.

A Uganda chimpanzee safari experience is also possible in Murchison falls park with the existence of these wild humans at the adjacent Budongo forest.

murchison boat.jpg 2However, what truly cements a safari Uganda to Murchison falls, is a possibility of enjoying a stunning boat cruise over the turbid but tranquil waters of the Albert Nile on your towards the great Murchison falls.

During this cruise, you’re treated to a Uganda tours experience like nowhere else in Uganda because you get to encounter several water dwellers who roam the waters of Nile such as the numerous schools of hippos, as they take refuge in the cool waters of the river, the Nile crocodiles also align themselves on the banks of this river as they lie still in anticipation of landing a prey for lunch or just basking themselves to the incessant tropical heat of Murchison falls.

For the birders, look out for the Nyamusika cliffs which are home to thousands of a variety of bird species such as the red-throated bee-eaters.

As you draw close to the falls, you’re welcomed by thunderous roars of the falls and a hike to the top of these falls, you’re ushered into the real of beauty Murchison falls as you get to see why its regarded as the world’s strongest waterfalls as you get to see millions of gallons of water squeeze through a 26 meter gorge before tumbling 43 meters below a cliff creating its signature rainbow as well as a cloud off plume that will always dazzle you on your short Uganda safari or long Uganda tour.

Tourism contribution to the country.

The tourism sector has over the years experienced a systematic growth contributing immensely to the Uganda’s economy sector. Statistics shows that as of 2018, the tourism sector earned Uganda close to 1.6billion USD, 200million dollars more than the previous year’s 1.4 billion dollars with 1.5 million tourists visiting Uganda in 2018.

Murchison falls alone contributed more than 100000 visitors to this visitor numbers and is poised to continue with that similar trend given the increase in the number of tourists who opt to enjoy short Uganda tours due to limited time they have to enjoy a Uganda tour.

Murchison falls park being a destination that has a rich wildlife diversity and relatively close to Kampala, its highly favored by these tourists on short Uganda safaris other than the other national parks which are a bit far away like Bwindi Impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, Semuliki National Park ,Mountain Rwenzori National Park and Kibale National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park which is the farthest of all.

All these figures mean that the tourism sector Uganda’s biggest foreign exchange earner contributing 2.9% to the country’s Gross Domestic Product and 7.3% of the country’s GDP indirectly.

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