Gorilla Safaris by Prime Safaris & Tours take you to the excellent gorilla safaris and tours in most tropical rainforests of Africa. For more than 8 years, we are able to create magnificent treks that take you to the original homes of uncommon Mountain Gorilla in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Mountain Gorillas are among the thirteen different primates within East African countries. Besides mountain gorillas, we even create magnificent primates adventures which include watching and trekking chimpanzees among other primates like baboons, different kinds of monkeys, galagos, colobus, and pottos.

Besides and Gorilla Trekking safaris and Tours in Rwanda,Uganda and Rwanda have a variety of adventure safari attractions/ tour destinations to offer especially in nature and wildlife. Uganda’s geographical network of more than 10 national parks and above 8 game reserves involves extremely large savanna plains plus forests which are a habitat to elephants, leopards, antelopes, giraffes, lions and buffaloes. Some Lakes and Rivers such as river Nile are a natural home for wild animals, hippos and crocodiles. Rwanda and Uganda are a natural paradise for bird viewers where Uganda hosts about 1000 bird species within the region. You are free to check out and make bookings to our Wild Gorilla Safari offers or even request for a custom tour of your choice.

Mountain Gorillas safaris and tours are the most rare living primates which survive mostly in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest also in the Virunga Conservation Area. Mountain Gorilla safaris is definitely an excellent wild adventure taken from World Gorilla Safari. More information about Mountain Gorillas Tours.

Our Tours – Mountain Gorilla Safaris Adventures
Our specialization deals in organizing Gorilla Safari Tours also arranging affordable and extremely fabulous Uganda safaris or tours and pleasant excursions. Majority of our Safaris and tours vary from 3 to 25 days in Rwanda and Uganda, including taking caring of you, even competitive gorilla safari tracking permits.

Most of our Gorilla safaris and tours are availed in Camping, Basic, Standard and Upmarket accommodation. We can even design personal, tailor-made tours and wild life safaris in Uganda and Rwanda, to cater for your specific safari interets. With a couple of years’ experience, we are ranked one of the most affordable and reliable Africa safaris and tour operators in the Uganda and Rwanda tourism industry.
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