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The Fact About Gorillas And Humans

Did you know that gorillas are relatives to humans by 98% DNA?

Gorillas are more related to people than you ever thought.

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We humans may like to think of ourselves as set apart from the rest of the animal kingdom but when we look into the face of a great gorilla we can see just how close we are to our nearest living relatives.

We have long known chimpanzees were our closest cousins, but it seems we have plenty in common with gorillas too. Though appearances might be a bit different, but we are closer in relation to gorillas than gorillas are to chimps.

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Mountain Gorillas are huge but they are not fat. This is because they simply feed on vegetables.

Many people think because they have big stomachs they are fat not realizing that they need a large stomach to digest all this bulk that they consume each day.

Vegans and vegetarians often use Mountain Gorillas as an example of what a pure plant based diet will do for you.

Fun fact: Scientists found out that certain shared genes in our DNA cause memory loss in humans, but not in gorillas.

Mountain gorillas rarely suffer from teeth cavities as their food contains very little fruit and hence little sugar.

Gorillas have unique nose prints, much like human fingerprints, which can be used to identify individuals.

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The silver coat on a Silverback Mountain Gorilla is a sign of Maturity like a Lion’s Mane.

Younger male Mountain Gorillas are black-backed.  When a black-backed Gorilla reaches sexual maturity, he will develop a saddle-shaded silver haired back as now he takes on the role of a father and protector for young gorillas in the family group.

They are strong creatures. A silverback is estimated to be 10 times stronger than an adult human, such as a man in his twenties.

They are not King Kong like creatures but the they will roar loudly, charge up to you when alarmed by you but not attacking you if you follow the Gorilla Visit rules, all that roaring is a simple attempt to fake you and to intimidate you.

The greatest Threat to Mountain Gorillas:

There are no many natural enemies for Mountain Gorillas, but human beings.  Poaching Snares set for small antelopes, trap and kill Mountain Gorillas, Human encroachment into their habitat.  Charcoal logging especially in the Congo.

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Did you know that Mountain Gorillas Communicate with one another?

Even though Mountain Gorillas are almost 98% like humans they have a higher voice box than us and a soft palate which is not large enough for sounds to resonate and do not communicate with verbs, nouns, sentences with one another but with grunts, hoots, gestures, chest beating and symbols.

Another clock is ticking now. It is time that we began thinking even more serious about the survival of the rest of our living relatives in the animal world.

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