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Responsible tourism vital for saving mountain gorillas-Gorilla safari news

silver back gorillaResponsible tourism is all about conserving, preserving, maintaining and protecting the wildlife with in their habitants. This has mainly helped in increasing the number of wildlife species with in the national parks and also helping in attracting more tourists to come for gorilla safaris to Uganda.

Promoting responsible tourism is so crucial in the maintaining of the wildlife species. The national parks with in the country need to be well conserved and preserved so the animals can be well protected which will help in increasing the people who are interested in coming to Uganda to enjoy safari tours.

Mountain gorillas are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park and also in Mgahinga national park. These mountain gorillas are in groups and they are usually visited by the visitors who come for gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda. Only 8 people are allowed to visit a particular group per day and this is done in order to promote responsible tourism which encourages the conservation and preservation of the mountain gorillas.

Gorilla trekking has not only been a vital conservation fund in Uganda but it has also contributed to gorilla tourism which has increased the revenues of the country hence developing the tourism sector with in the country. There are also many wildlife species with the national parks apart from the mountain gorillas and also these have greatly helped in increasing safaris in Uganda.

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