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if gorillas are like humans, do they have enemies – Uganda gorilla safari news

wild gorilla uganda Humans and mountain gorillas share similarities to great depth. Like man, mountain gorillas laugh when they are over joyed and they grieve when offended. But one of the most interesting similarities between gorillas and humans is the fact that they have enemies but unlike most humans, gorillas do not make enemies because of their calm nature. It is the enemies that make gorillas and such enemies compromise the ability of future Gorilla Tracking Safari guests to see these heartwarming species.
The Mountain Gorilla population is just a few hundreds, but it has not always been like this; it drastically reduced in the past because of the presence of gorilla enemies. According to the 2012 census, 880 mountain gorillas were counted and over half were said to be located in Uganda shared by Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in the southwestern corner of the country. These parks receive both domestic and international tourists on gorilla trekking safaris and tours all year round. But if at all gorillas have enemies, who their major enemies?
Gorillas are their own enemies. This may sound queer but it is true, mountain gorilla families fight among themselves and in so doing they get injured and some of these fights are very fatal that mountain gorillas especially the young ones die. Gorillas fight with other mountain gorilla families if they feel threatened, or sometimes if they just want to snatch gorilla members from other families.
The other enemies of gorillas are the leopards. Although leopards are an interesting creature to see while on Uganda safari and tour, they are a huge threat to the survival of the gorilla species. Leopards have the ability to adapt to different environments and because of the presence of perfect hideouts in the gorilla habitats, leopards live just next door to mountain gorillas. Leopards are cunning hunters and are widely known for making surprise attacks on their prey. They have in the past launched attacks on gorilla families when they are asleep and have devoured the infant gorillas or sometimes identified the weaker or sick members of the family.

The greatest enemy of mountain gorillas however is man. While some men delight in peacefully tracking mountain gorillas during safaris in Uganda or Rwanda, others have embarked on poaching these invaluable apes. Although this practice has reduced today than was in the past, it still exists. Humans also contribute towards the destruction of mountain gorillas’ habitats by logging and deforestation and because gorillas depend on their unique habitats for both shelter and food, destroying this not only endangers them but also leads to drastic loss of gorilla numbers.
In a nutshell, although mountain gorillas’ greatest enemy is man, he is actually their best friend today. Different individuals and groups of individuals have embarked on conservation efforts geared towards surviving this irreplaceable species. Fortunately, in Uganda the numbers of mountain gorillas continue to increase as more people are taught to be more of friends than enemies to the gorillas. These growths in numbers present hope that in the future, Uganda gorilla tracking tours and safaris will continue to be prosperous.

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