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Help save mountain gorillas-Gorilla Safari News

baby gorillaThe mountain gorilla is the largest of all the great apes; they live in groups and this makes them less aggressive and tranquil. The gorilla families keep moving around their territories while they are feeding and playing with each other. The groups are headed by the male gorilla which is normally known as the silverback mountain gorillas. These have greatly attracted many gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda.

Mountain gorillas are found in only three countries of Africa, these include; Uganda where they are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park, in Rwanda and they are found in volcanoes national park and also in Virunga national park in Congo. However, these mountain gorillas are under constant threats and they need to be saved and protected.

The mountain gorillas have greatly competed with the human beings since the local communities nearby want to use the land for cultivation yet it can act at habitants for the mountain gorillas. However, many organizations have come up to help in saving the mountain gorillas which will later help in increasing mountain gorilla safaris in Uganda.

Training of the gorilla rangers can greatly help in saving and protecting of the mountain gorillas. There should also be provision of effective equipment’s to the rangers so that they can possibly communicate with the headquarters in case of any problem.

More so in case of protecting the gorillas, the local people can be included in the development of the tourism sector so that they can also feel part of the growth of tourism with in the country. This will help in the conservation and preservation of these primates hence increasing gorilla tours to Uganda.

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