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Gorilla Doctors Save the Infant From a Snare – Rwanda Gorilla Safari News

rwanda-gorilla-safarisIcyogere a two (2) year infant from Susa-Kukira gorilla group in the Rwanda gorilla safari destination of Volcanoes National Park was saved by the Gorilla Doctors from the wire snare that it was carrying on his left arm towards the end of Dec 2016

The one (1) meter wire snare was found wrapped around his left wrist and had caused the hand to swell which prompted the Gorilla doctors to undertake a full intervention to save the baby gorilla.

At first, the immobilization plan appeared challenging due to strong bonds that the mother – Umucyo and the father – Kurira have with the infant which made it difficult to anticipate on which parent would carry him following the anesthetizing.

However, Icyogere was eventually darted at around 2:35pm and the doctors were able to treat him without interference from the parents.

The removal of the snare took thirty (30) minutes after which the lesion was examined and treatment with antibiotics undertaken. Icyogere was able to re-unite with the group after the treatment.

Continuous monitoring has been undertaken and Icyogere is steadily recovering from the injury.

Mountain Gorilla habitats are surrounded by densely populated communities that always wish to encroach them for additional food supply.

At times, the poachers set wire snares in the gorilla forest targeting other animals like duikers but unfortunately, the Mountain Gorillas become victims.

Listed as critically endangered world over, the conservation of Mountain Gorillas has taken many dimensions but the introduction of gorilla tourism that resulted into gorilla safaris in Rwanda has proved very instrumental in combining the interests of the state, the local communities, conservationists and the leisure travellers.

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda can be arranged through a tour operator like Prime Safaris & Tours Ltd or arranged independently for those who wish to travel on their own but an advance booking of the Mountain Gorilla permit is required from Rwanda Development Board at a cost of $750 so as to be sure of the preferred tracking date.

Volcanoes National Park is part of the Virunga massif where 480 Mountain Gorillas are known to thrive supplementing the remaining 400 individuals which exist in Uganda gorilla safari destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park since their current global population is estimated at 880.

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