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Gorilla Communities Need Training – Gorilla Safari News

Gorilla in Bwindi
The co
mmunities which are surrounding the mountain gorilla national park require special training on how they can deal with the unique primates. this will mainly help in the conservation and preservation of the gorillas  in the national parks hence increasing the gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.

The trained people will help in providing important community embedded support to the national park rangers with their work to protect the endangered mountain gorillas of the park so that the conflicts which can take place between the farmers living on the  edges of the park and the mountain gorillas can be minimized. This will help in increasing the number of mountain gorilla tracking safaris.

The training will help in equipping the local communities with the skills of providing enough security to the mountain gorillas especially from the few threats which can happen to the primates; these include, the poachers, hunters, diseases, habitant displacement and  fighting among the mountain gorillas themselves, this will help in increasing the security to the national parks where the mountain gorillas are found thus increasing gorilla safaris to Uganda.

The local communities will also help in patrolling the mountain gorillas when they cross to their gardens, this will help in protecting them from dangers since even the local people are well trained to take care of the mountain gorillas.

The training includes the entire practical and the theoretical elements focused on the main tactics used in safely encouraging the gorillas to turn to the park reserves, gorilla monitoring and protocols for safety and first aid and gorilla identification techniques.

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