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Golden Monkey Tracking Experience in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Golden Monkey trekking safaris to Uganda’s Mgahinga’s national park is another interesting safaris travelers to Uganda should opt for because trekking these endangered species in the Mgahinga national park offers an experience which is equivalent to gorilla trekking experience also carried out in the park.

The species of the Golden Monkeys also identified as the “Blue Monkeys” are highly attracted to areas with high altitude forests and this gives Mgahinga gorilla National Park area an upper hand to house these world endangered primate species.

These frolicking monkeys are some of the primate wonders often that make Mgahinga gorilla national park choice destination to many travelers who book gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda.

The magnificent species spend most of their time springing on the bamboo forest branches found in the Mgahinga gorilla national park.

Taking your gorilla trekking safaris to Uganda can be combined with golden monkey trekking because Mgahinga Park which is home to mountain gorillas is also natural habitat to unique species of the golden monkeys.

The park has habituated groups of Golden Monkeys which are opened for tourist’s on Uganda safaris to visit.

Golden monkey trekking done in Mgahinga national park is an experience of its own though the process of trekking is almost the same as gorilla trekking.

As it’s with Mountain Gorillas trekking, travellers on their golden monkey trekking safaris in Uganda are also given one hour to spend with the species of the golden monkeys and the trekking process starts very early in the morning and it takes the travelers through the slipper trails, hills and valleys of volcanoes national park when looking for the golden monkeys.

The uniqueness of trekking these species in Mgahinga is that the species are active creatures, and keep jumping from one tree to another which is really very interesting to each and every trekker who spares time to trek these special species.

The golden monkey trek in the famous Mgahinga is a must do activity to each and every tourists planning for safaris to Uganda.

Golden monkey trekking offers pleasurable experience which no visitor interested in wildlife watching should miss while on his gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda’s Mgahinga national park.

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