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French Firms to Invest More in Uganda – Uganda Safari News

Uganda is a country having a lot of potentials for investment given the fact that there is Stability and a good investment climate but this is not utilized to its full level since there is limited entrepreneurship spirit among Ugandans and thus slowing down the country’s growth and economic development.

According to President Museveni, the problem of Uganda is mainly shortage of entrepreneurs and the few who are available are busy with small businesses like hair salons, transport and real estate.

There is need for more entrepreneurs in the field of tourism, manufacturing and others. The president was speaking on the 25th French Bastille day at the French ambassador’s residence in Nakasero.

He used the occasion to invite more investors from Europe to invest in the country. Investment in every sector will benefit tourism since it comprises of many sectors like Transport, wildlife, water, forestry, among others and thus increasing safaris to Uganda in a long run.

Investing in these key industries especially tourism is a great blessing to the country which will lead to increase of Uganda Safaris.

Tourism does not only bring in a lot of revenue and foreign exchange to the country through  safaris but also provides a lot of jobs to the people, aid in conservation purposes and above all make use of the resources which are seen as not available to man.

According to Sophie Makame, the French ambassadors to Uganda, more than 30 active French companies are operating in Uganda in a number of sectors like oil and gas, telecommunications and environment conservation and the companies have invested $1 billion over the last two years and they have created a lot of jobs to the local residents.

Uganda is a very poor country that with little capital to develop. Investment is seen as the only way to develop the country economically but in spite of being poor, the country has diverse rich culture, wildlife and beautiful sceneries which have attracted a lot of safaris in Uganda.

This implies that investing in this country is an opportunity which very investors will not want to miss because you are assured of success.

Uganda safari invites you to utilized this opportunity and enjoy a great deal of Success
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