mountain gorilla eatingTourists on their Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safaris get the opportunity to see what gorillas eat and how they eat while carrying out gorilla trekking activities. Gorillas like any other human being and animals also like eating however there are different foodstuffs eaten and this is experienced by the tourists on their Uganda and Rwanda gorilla safaris.

Gorillas feed on leaves, shoots and fruits because they are herbivores. This makes them healthy and increases their life span which promotes more gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda and Uganda. They also ingest small insects that pass by their faces like the ants, termites as well as others. This is good of them because it makes them grow and attractive so as to increase more gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorillas are blessed with a large sagittal crest in addition to the long and strong canines which enable them crush the hard kind of plants like the bamboo plants and this helps them to feed on any food stuff so as to grow fat and attract more gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.Gorillas cannot fail to get what to eat because leaves are all over the forests as well as the insects and fruits therefore this makes them spend most time of their days eating from the forests hence getting attention from the tourists on Uganda safaris.

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