Wondering How do mountain gorillas look like? Scientifically termed as Gorilla  beringei, mountain gorillas are typically gentle and amazingly shy and calm animals that have thick and long fur and this enables them to live in cooler temperature climatic zones, each gorilla can be identified basing on its nose print which is unique to each individual, adult males can weigh as much as 195 kg with a standing height of 168cm or 66 inches while their female counterparts can weigh 100kg with a height of 140 cm or 55inches. Mountain gorillas are diurnal animals as they are very active in the early morning and evening hours which they use for foraging or eating, they maintain an herbivorous diet which consists of leaves, fruits, tree branches and bamboo shoots.How do mountain gorillas look like?

The mountain gorilla has shaggy black fur that covers most of its body. Its face, massive chest, palms of hands, and soles of feet are bare. Mountain gorillas have thicker and longer fur than other gorilla subspecies which keeps them warm on the cool high mountains where they live.

The hair on the gorilla’s back is shorter than on any other parts of body and the hair on its arms is exceptionally long. As male gorilla grows older, a patch of hair on its back turns silvery grey. He is then known as a silver back.

The face of a mountain gorilla has a brow ridge above its dark brown eyes, a flat nose, and flaring nostrils. Gorillas can be identified by nose prints unique to each individual. The head of a gorilla is conical shaped and  adult males have more pronounced bony crests on the top and back of their skulls, giving their heads a more conical shape. Their ears are much smaller in comparison to their bodies and are further flattened against their head.

The mountain gorilla’s muscular arms have four thick fingers and a thumb. Like chimpanzees, the arms of mountain gorillas are longer than their legs.

Gorillas are big. Full-grown male mountain gorillas stand up 6 feet tall, weigh up to 220 kg and have an arm span of 8 feet. Adult females weigh up to 113 kg and are almost as half as tall as males.

The gorilla has long canine teeth which are used for display, in particular, “to defend against external threats, as well as fend off other male gorillas competing for dominance.

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