sabinyo gorilla family -rwanda safaris  Volcanoes National Park located in the north west of Rwanda that is usually encountered on gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda has ten (10) gorilla families that are habituated. These gorilla groups thrive on the rolling slopes of the Virunga massif which is a thread of the eight volcanic mountains stretching from the south western tip of Uganda through North West of Rwanda to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Sabyinyo gorilla family is noted to be one of the impressive gorilla families in Volcanoes that comprises of eight (8) members led by the powerful silver back Guhonda a remarkable creature that is always sought for by travelers whole on the or gorilla safari in Rwanda. Guhonda is noted to be the largest of all the Silver-backs in the Volcanoes National Park and has managed to keep Ryango his main rival outside the group thus prompting him to live a lonely lifestyle.
Though the Sabyinyo gorilla family has few members as compared to other gorilla groups in the park, the impression and the experience is equally rewarding. The Sabyinyo Gorilla family is named after the Sabyinyo Volcano that loosely translates into Old man’s teeth due to its rugged volcanic top that was bestowed upon it following series of denudation.
The Sabyinyo Gorilla Family is closer to the park’s edge thus making it easier to trek than some of other gorilla families like Susa and as a result elderly and travelers that do not wish to do a lot of hiking while on Rwanda gorilla safaris and tours are allocated this gorilla family.
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