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Exploring Rwanda’s Music, Dance & Crafts – Rwanda Safari News

rwandaThe Rwanda Safaris and tours are hinged on various aspects and Music, Dance and Crafts are among them. Art is noted to be central to the Rwandan people and it can be listed among the most authentic products that can ever be explored on tours in Rwanda.
The remarkable performances feature excellence and bravery demonstrations not forgetting the impressive artistry dating back from the historical agricultural roots.

The famous Intore Dance Troupes perform the optimum displays of the Rwanda’s traditional music and dance which has gone beyond the Rwandan borders to capture the attention of neighboring countries like Uganda and it is not surprising to find the Rwanda Safari undertakers attending to their performances at the range of show centers in the country.

Literally referred to as the Chosen Ones, the Intore legacy date back to their performance at the Royal Court Yard where they would secure military drills and jumping techniques to strengthen their styles of dancing.

Today, after many decades, the Nyanza Palace – the site of the last Rwandan Monarchy still hold this historical troupe offering remarkable entertainment to the travelers on Rwanda Safaris.

Dressed in grass wigs and holding the clutching spears dancing to the beat of the powerful drum, the Intore performances are indeed very fascinating and those that have viewed them can testify their incredible uniqueness.

The sound of the traditional songs is inspired by eight string harp like instrument named Lulunga while the Ochestra drum supplement the dance with a count of 7 – 9 members who jointly generate hypnotic and mesmerizing intertwining rhythm set.

At the Rwanda Gorilla Safari start point Kinigi, Iby’wacu Cultural Village, National Museum and Safari Lodges and hotels, the Intore Troupe can be encountered.

The Rwanda Crafts are majorly produced at Nyakarimbi Village a local cooperative with its unique products being the Imigongo literally Cow dung paintings that are differentiated by whirls coloured in black, brown and white along with other geometric shapes which have made their way to a range of the art centers in the country and available for purchase to the travelers on Rwanda Safari Holidays.

The Basket weaving is another great traditional Rwandan craft skill with the products used for storage and carrying items including gifts for traditional functions. The famous Batwa People are well known for their expertise in pot making.

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