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Experiential Tourism: Monkey Tracking in Mgahinga – Uganda Gorilla Safaris and Tours News

golden monkeys in mgahinga Uganda Safari destination of Mgahinga Gorilla Park offers yet another golden opportunity to travelers on their Uganda Gorilla trekking safaris to trek the world’s threatened species of the Golden Monkeys.

The endangered species of the golden monkey is endemic to the Albertine Rift, and hence booking your Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safaris will enable you to trek these world extinct creatures which are too attractive and pleasant to any human being.

The natural habitat of Mgahinga Gorilla Park in Uganda the pearl of Africa is supporting the survival of approximated total number of 3000-4000 golden monkeys.

The monkey monkeys in the park have been habituated for tourism purposes and hence visitors on their Uganda safaris can visit the park to enjoy the views of these stunning primate species.

Golden monkey trekking is one of the interesting activities travelers on Uganda Safari tours can easily enjoy while on their Mgahinga Safaris.

As it’s the case with mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking also starts early in the morning by visitors reporting to the park headquarters for briefing about the does and don’ts when trekking the golden monkeys in the hilly areas of Mgahinga Park.

While at the park headquarters, travellers on Uganda Safaris to Mgahinga are divided into a group of eight people who are authorized to trek one habituated group of golden Monkey.

The group is then led by professional UWA ranger guide to the head trail where golden monkey trekking starts from.

The process of searching for golden monkeys leads you to hike the hilly areas and slope the valleys of Mgahinga Gorilla Park while looking for golden monkeys.

Once up close, visitors are allowed to spend one hour enjoying the views of golden monkeys when they are feeding on the fruits, leaves of bamboo trees, shoots of bamboo and when they are also caring for their young ones.

The experience gained by visitor on Uganda gorilla Safaris while trekking the golden monkeys is life time experience which cannot be under rated.

The two to six hour of trek while looking for the golden monkeys is very interesting both to first time trekker and even second time trekker. This is mainly because whenever one enters the forest to trek the golden monkeys, he or she gets new experience of its own.

In addition to golden monkey trekking experience, your gorilla trekking safaris to Mgahinga will offer you that unique chance to encounter the local Batwa in their ancient natural environment of Mgahinga.

The safari tour enables you to explore the Batwa Forest Trial which is rare cultural trail that enables one to explore the real life of the local Batwa. Golden monkey trekking is must do activity to each and every tourists on Safari tours to Uganda.

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