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Experiencing Ssese Island in Uganda

Uganda the Pearl of Africa has a lot in stock for the travelers from all over the world who are planning to make their Safaris to Uganda.

Besides the national Parks the country is also gifted with various Islands which are of very much appealing to the eyes of tourists and among these include the Ssese islands located in the north western direction of Lake victoria.

Experiencing Ssese Island is one of the experiences which visitors who are on their safaris in Uganda should not miss because Ssese Island is made up of a total of 84 Islands and this present unique magnificent experience to visitor which remains in their minds for the rest of their life time.

The experience is made magnificent by the calm white sandy beaches which are spread all over the island and this creates room for travellers to relax and fresh in Ugandan’s beautiful beaches while interacting with Ugandan hospital people who enjoy relaxing in the fresh water.

The Ssese islands are endowed various unique forests which are over 13 forests in number and all these forests are not explored and surprisingly some are completely uninhabited and hence they provide good view of green African forests which are characterized with different plant life, bird species and some animal species. The forests in the Island are a natural home for the rare- endemic Birds as well as Butterflies.

The Island which is surrounded with various beaches which provides tourists with chances of spending over seven magical hours while sunbathing and this experience makes the Ssese islands the best holiday destinations for tourists planning to spend their honeymoon safaris in Uganda.

Historically, Ssese islands were regarded as God’s Island and it was highly respected by the local people and also the Islands are prepared heavens for travellers who are interested in bird watching because the Island houses both forest birds and Wetland birds.

Immediately the visitors arrives in this wonderful island, he or she is given a warm welcome by the Ugandan hospitable people living in the Island and this accompanied with nice melodies or sounds of colorful birds as well as shining colors of butterflies surviving in the beautiful Island.

The wonderful sandy beaches in the Island are proved to be free from bilharzia and hence visitors on Uganda safari can enjoy swimming activities to their fullest and at the same time tourists can enjoy the delicious Nile Perch prepared in the lodges around the beaches.

Uganda Safaris expose tourists to different remarkable activities carried out at Ssese Island and among these involve Boat sailing as well as Fishing in the different fishing areas in the Island, and sun Bathing which can be done on the shores Lakes Victoria,.

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