gorilla ttracking in ugandaMountain gorillas are so interesting animals and they are found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. These have unique features, in Uganda they are found in Bwindi Impenetrable national park and in Mgahinga national park, these have greatly attracted many gorilla trekking safaris.

Mountain gorillas have greatly attracted high numbers of tourists who have travel to Uganda in order to enjoy the exciting characteristics of the gorillas. They spend most of their time sleeping and looking for what to eat. they also have similar characteristics like those of people.

Mountain gorillas can also be trekked in Rwandas volcanoes national park, there are over 300 mountain gorillas found in this park and these have greatly attracted many gorilla trekking tours to Rwanda, which has helped in attracting more revenues to the country and also developing the tourism sector of Rwanda.

Gorillas live in mountainous areas and this is has attracted many tourists to visit them since they are also interested in mountain climbing. There are many mountain gorillas which live in Bwindi impenetrable national park and also some in Mgahinga national park; these have also greatly attracted many gorilla tracking safaris to Uganda.

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