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Etihad Airways Launched Direct Flights to Entebbe Uganda – Uganda Safari News

etihad airways-safaris The national Airline of United Arab Emirates named Etihad Airways took a ground breaking move of introducing direct flights between Uganda and Abu Dhabi providing the hope for the ease of transfer of passengers that travel between these two countries including Uganda safari undertakes.

The debut flight made its way from United Arab Emirates capital Abu Dhabi at exactly 7.50am and made its first landing at Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport at exactly 12.50pm on the day of Saturday where the respective authorities from Uganda and Abu Dhabi welcomed it.

The leg operated by equipment Airbus A320 aircraft which is endowed with 120 economy Class seats and 16 seats for the Business class is set to connect four (4) times per week enabling the travelers including business and those on safaris and tours in Uganda to make a reliable transfer between these two countries.

Etihad Airways is glad to tap into one of the fastest growing tourism and business destinations on the continent of Africa which fits into its strategy of targeting areas of strong growth in the emerging markets. This was acknowledged by Etihad Director James Hogan.

The fact that United Arab Emirates is one the major trading partners of Uganda, the emergence of point to point connection is a great move to enhancement of this relationship.

The travelers we have been making their way to Uganda for example to do gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda would use connecting flights but with this initiative, their travel has been made easy.

The Etihad Airways will be operating this route on the day of Monday, the day of Tuesday, the day of Wednesday and the day of Sunday.

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